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I am sri nurdiana, I am familiar with Dian. I have white skin, long hair, flat nose and slim body. My body is tall, it is about 165 cm and weight is about 45 kg. I am from Sumbawa exactly at Buer sub district, but now I am living at Mataram, exactly ampenan on Majapahit street number 13, I stayed at boarding house.
I was born in Sumbawa on 4 April 1995. I’ve got my first study in kinder garden on 1998 without I took my graduation in kinder garden because my parents took me into the elementary school on 2001-2006, and 2007-2010 I pass my junior high school and after 2010-2013 I already graduate of my senior high school. Now I am studying in IKIP MATARAM, I take English language faculty.

I am interested at Korean drama, my favorite actor and actris that are jung yong hwa and yoona. I like them because they have tall body, white skin, pointed nose, and smart in action. They is 27 years old.
 In another side, those actor and actris are like to do just like what the human being do for instants shopping, sport, laughing, even in there movies that they have played  have own characters, for example Yong hwa in heartstring movies he use to be an easy going person, in reality yong hwa is a kind guy and easy to do socialization.

AL GHAZALI AHMAD was born in Jakarta 1 september 1997, his parent is ahmad dhani and maia estianti that famous as musician in Indonesia. Al ghazali has two brother and no sister, he is the first son and his second brother is EL RUMI ahmad, and his little brother is Abdul Qadir Jaelani.
Al ghazali use being call with al, al like to playing DJ and use become actor of some movies for instants Runaway and LDR (Long distance relationship). In his daily activity al famous with cold style, he like for being silent.
Nowadays, there are a lot of DJ station use al become the DJ in their BAR or Cafe, because they assumed that al is quietly good and outstanding in  around of  DJ players.
Before he began to  open his carrier by make the group band with his brother that’s call The lucky (2009) that establish by his father Ahmad Dani in their own studios because Ahmad dani famous become the president of RCM (Republik cinta manajemen) production.
Time by time al growth become handsome boy that the teenagers like today, especially the girls. There are a lot of girls that call their self’s fens of AL that’s they make the fens club by name ALGHAVERS that commonly enter by girls.

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